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Authors & Dragons – a Podcast where a group of Fantasy Authors try to make it through a game of D&D without dying, killing each other, or otherwise embarrassing the ever living shit out of themselves. This group has made a career out of putting their characters through Hell. Now it’s their turn!

Life, Death, or eternal imprisonment to an elder demon – no matter their fate, it’ll be a lot of fun to hear what happens.


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Drew Hayes (GM)

The Hapless Players:
Joseph Brassey (Bjorg Bjornsson – Barbarian)
Steve Wetherell (Brandon Thighmaster – Monk)
Robert Bevan (Klaus Richter – Rogue)
John Hartness (Fandingo the Fantasical – Bard)
Rick Gualtieri (Silas Kane – Paladin / The Arrow of the Gods – Vigilante)

Rob Kroese (Kutharek the Lost – Cleric) … currently lost


bjorg brandon klaus
fandingo silas drew Arrow of the gods

Awesome character art by John Luther Davis.

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