joe-tome-strong-smNOW YOU CAN HAVE ALL THE SEX!

Well, okay, maybe not. But you can get some cool Tome of Bill shirts so at least you don’t have to walk around naked.

That’s right. Bill The Vampire has finally stepped out from the pages of his books and … err … fallen into a t-shirt press. Yeah, well, these things happen when you’re a vampire. Regardless, his misfortune is your gain.

All designs are available in multiple colors for male and female tee’s, sweatshirts and more.

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Bill The Vampire – Neo White
Bill The Vampire – Neo Black

Team Twat-Waffle – Light

Team Twat-Waffle – Dark
The Undead Are Fun Again – Neo
Tome of Bill Logo – Classic
Bill The Vampire – Classic
Vampire…Dick – Classic
Tome of Bill – Neo
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