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Because a good tagline shouldn’t require more work than the book itself.

Do you enjoy a good tagline but hate writing them? If so, you’re not alone. Many an author has given themselves a headache coming up with an effective one-liner to top their marketing blurb or ads. Taglines should be short, catchy, and memorable – not awful, a mouthful, or so generic that they could apply to nearly any book sitting on the shelf.


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Tagline Service FAQs

How does this work?
Following purchase of the service, you’ll be taken to my tagline service form. There you’ll provide me with the information regarding your book that I’ll use to create your tagline iterations for you.

How long does this take?
Turnaround time is typically 2 to 3 business days. This gives me proper time to formulate and edit 2 to 3 workable taglines for your book.

Wait. 2 – 3 taglines?
Yes. Oftentimes when coming up with tagline ideas I’ll end up refining them into multiple wordings, thoughts, or phrasings. My goal is to either furnish you with a tagline that’s usable right out of the box, or facilitate you with enough ideas so as to fit your personal vision.

What’s your refund policy?
If, after working with the information you’ve provided me, I can’t come up with a tagline that I feel is satisfactory for your story, I will let you know and provide you with a full refund. The service and taglines themselves are otherwise non-refundable.

How much information should I provide on the form
As much as you can. The more detail you give me, the better chance I have of coming up with something that’s both unique and fits your story.

Speaking of it being unique…
This service comes with no guarantees other than the guarantee that I won’t sell the same tagline twice. Though I will make every effort to construct a tagline that’s unique to your story – with the number of books currently for sale on Amazon alone, not to mention however many authors might be writing to the same genre, I simply cannot guarantee market uniqueness. However, my hope is that by providing multiple iterations, your chances for something unique are maximized.

Please Note: This service isn’t for market comparisons to existing works or authors. What I strive for are one-two line taglines meant to be indicative of your story. My goal is to provide you with something along the lines of: “In the caverns of eternal darkness, one young girl will light the way”, rather than a generic, “If you liked Harry Potter, you’ll love *My Book Title*” comparison.

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