The Tome of Bill

The Tome of Bill - vampires, witches, and magic

THE TOME OF BILL SERIES – Urban Fantasy With A Nasty Overbite

Gamer, Geek, and Legendary Vampire – Bill Ryder is an unlikely hero trying to survive in a world of undead horrors. Despite awesome powers, loyal allies, and a Brooklyn-sized attitude; the odds are stacked heavily against him. Bill must fulfill his destiny and save the world from the ancient terrors that threaten it – all while trying to build some semblance of a social life.

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Horror / Comedy
Age: 18+
Contains: adult language, violence, sexual situations, juvenile douchebag humor, and lots of asshole monsters

SERIES BOOKS (in order):

Bill The Vampire Scary Dead Things The Mourning Woods Holier Than Thou Sunset Strip Goddamned Freaky Monsters Half A Prayer The Wicked Dead Shining Fury The Last Coven



Tome of Bill Volume 1 The Indomitable Ten Magic & Mistletoe

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