Blinding Justice

Bill of the Dead Adventures - urban fantasy comedy horror
The New Order


BoTD Adventures – 4

Being a blind girl in a big city is tough. But dying and waking up as a blind vampire, well, that’s a trip. With my senses now dialed up to eleven, the world is open to me in ways I never imagined possible, allowing me to hear a pin drop from a block away or traverse rooftops and alleyways with ease.

One doesn’t need eyes to see that not all is right in New York, though. I’m not the only monster in town, and most of the others are far less friendly. I’ve taken it upon myself to clean house, to reclaim the shadows and give the predators a name to fear, my name – Char.

Sadly, I’m a lone warrior against an ever increasing tide of darkness, one which has turned its sights on my loved ones. I’ll have to dig deep to save them while also putting my faith in a wizard I have no reason to trust. I’ve never been much of a team player, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to prove to my enemies that they picked the wrong family to mess with.

Series note: this story takes place immediately prior to the events of Carnage À Trois.


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