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The Hybrid of High Moon Urban Fantasy seriesget bent


The Hybrid of High Moon – 1

Part Witch – Part Werewolf – Total Badass!

My name is Tamara Bentley, Bent to my friends, and I’m not supposed to exist. I was born of the forbidden union between a witch and a werewolf, and they’ve been trying their damnedest to hide my existence ever since.

Too bad secrets are hard to keep in a small town like High Moon. Now, my uncle, the leader of the wolf pack, is on a rampage. He says I’m an abomination, something that should’ve never been born, and he doesn’t care how many lives he has to destroy so long as I end up dead.

I’m far from helpless, though. Not only am I a top-ranked amateur wrestler, but I’m strong enough to punch out a bus. Good thing, too, because a rare lunar event is about to increase my uncle’s already terrifying power to new levels. I’ll have to call upon every last ounce of strength at my disposal if I want to survive the night, protect my home, and save all the people counting on me.

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