Wandering Spirit

Bill of the Dead Adventures - urban fantasy comedy horror
Wandering Spirit


BoTD Adventures – 2

Since the days of Kublai Khan, I’ve walked among you, living countless lives – warrior, adventurer, and lover. I’ve seen wonders few others have beheld and walked away from terrors that have felled even the bravest of men.

Torn from my home as little more than an animal, I assumed the form of a man. But make no mistake, I am not one of you … or at least I wasn’t. Once I was an apex predator, living or dying by the rules of the hunt. But now I’m not so certain – the events I’ve witnessed and the friends I’ve made having slowly changed me.

Still, the beast inside is never far from the surface, seeking to drown in blood all who cross my path. Every day brings with a new struggle, but also a new chance to become something more than I once was.

I am the Wanderer and this is my tale.

Series note: this story takes place at varying point within the history set forth in the Tome of Bill and Bill of the Dead series.


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