Sunset Strip (a Tome of Bill Companion)

The Tome of Bill - vampires, witches, and magic
sunset strip


A Tome of Bill Companion Novel

My name is Sally. For over thirty years I’ve prowled the night, one of the undead. In that time I’ve walked amongst you – a wolf in sheep’s clothing – doing unspeakable things, killing countless people.

Now, on the eve of Armageddon, a chance for redemption presents itself. My past has come looking for me, beckoning me back to the city of my rebirth.

Those who killed me the first time are intent on finishing the job. I’m outnumbered and outgunned, but they’re sadly mistaken if they think for one second that I’m outclassed.

Unspeakable horrors, both old and new, await me in the City of Sin, but in the end they’re all going to learn one very painful lesson: Payback is a Bitch.

Series note: This story takes place between Holier Than Thou and Goddamned Freaky Monsters

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