Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Where are your books sold?
A: Most of my ebooks are currently exclusive to Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. My audio books and paperbacks, however, are not bound to this exclusivity and can be found at a variety of book sellers. Please check the individual book pages on this website for purchase links.

Q: What if I’m looking for a specific format in a specific store and can’t find it?
A: Worse case, reach out to me and ask. I’m happy to help you find what you need.

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Q: In what order should The Tome of Bill, and Bill of the Dead books be read?
A: In whatever order you want, really. I try to make each story stand on its own. That being said, characters do evolve (or die), so for the purists out there please check out the Tome of Bill Universe Reading Order page:

Q: How many books are there in the series?
A: There are 8 numbered books in the Tome of Bill (told from Bill’s point of view) as well as additional “series companion” books like Sunset Strip (told from Sally’s point of view). I, of course, reserve the right to be inspired by another of the characters in the series thus making this whole question pretty much moot. As for Bill of the Dead and False Icons, they are still ongoing.

Q: Do I need to read Night Stalker, Sunset Strip, or Shining Fury to follow the books that come after it?
A: It wouldn’t hurt, but the side stories are exactly that – side stories meant to expand upon this world. That said, they are canon, did happen, and might be referenced in subsequent books.

Q: Who is your personal favorite character?
A: I’d call it neck and neck between Sally and Gan. Sally is awesome to write because looking through her eyes, it feels like there are no mountains that can’t be scaled, no enemy that can’t be told off, no blood that can’t be spilled…err anyway. Gan, well she’s just so much fun to write it almost feels like a crime.

Q: How do you answer the charges that Bill’s a misogynist/homophobe/racist/puppy stomper/flag burner/potato hater etc etc?
A: For some, this series is going to be offensive no matter which way you look at it. I make no apologies that this is foul-mouthed, jackass-level humor. That being said, I don’t consider Bill Ryder to be any of those things. What is he then? He’s a bit of an immature jerk, sure, but above all else he’s a regular, imperfect, guy just trying to make his way through life (or death), and you, the reader, are in his head seeing all of his thoughts, both good and bad. If you’re seeking the perfect hero, infallible in his quest for justice, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for good, clean family fun with no naughty words or snarky banter … well, how did you even end up on this website to begin with???

Q: I notice that Bill said ‘so – and – so’. No true geek would ever say that!
A: First of all, geeks come in all flavors. I didn’t realize there was a handbook. Secondly, I will admit that occasionally I’ll add extra context to references so as to not completely alienate readers who aren’t up on, say, the latest issue of Deadpool.

Q: Who does Bill wind up with romantically in the end?
A: Um … finish the story and find out. Oh wait, but there’s a sequel series, too. Oh well, guess you’ll have to keep reading. 🙂

Q: You do realize that maple trees don’t grow in the arctic tundra, right?
A: They don’t?! Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me that they’re not guarded by a race of giant slobbering monsters either.

Q: Oh, and while I’m at it, it’s a magazine not a clip, stupid!
A: Relax. I know that and you know that but Bill doesn’t, at least early in the series. This is a guy whose only experience with guns is from the movies and the story is told from his POV.

Q: Why the new ToB covers? I liked the old ones.
A: So did I, but it was time for a change. This post over on my blog explains it best.

Q: I was on Bill’s Facebook Page and there are all sorts of references that have never been in the books, characters who should be dead, etc. What gives?
A: Bill’s Facebook Page is its own self-contained entity which may or may not follow the events in the books. It is run by “Bill Ryder” and contains day to day accounts of his ongoing life, as told from his personal point of view. According to Bill his “author monkey” often gets the details wrong in the books and as a result he spends most of his time pissed off about it. His page is meant purely for entertainment purposes. When in doubt, the books are to be considered official canon.

Q: When does the Bill Of The Dead series take place compared to the Tome of Bill?
A: Book 1 of Bill of the Dead (Strange Days) picks up roughly 5 years after the end of The Last Coven (ToB 8).

Q: What is the False Icons series and when does it take place?
A: False Icons is a spinoff book series I’m currently working on with RE Carr that takes place within the world of Tome of Bill. Book 1 (Second String Savior) takes place roughly concurrently with the events of The Mourning Woods (ToB 3). However, subsequent books will not necessarily be in lockstep with others of the ToB series. Stay tuned…

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Q: Any other plans for the Crypto-Hunter?
A: The trilogy is officially complete. That said, who knows when and where they might pop up again?

Q: In Bigfoot Hunters / Devil Hunters / Kraken Hunters, why did you kill so-and-so?
A: No spoilers on this page. I will say, if you’ve read the book I am more than happy to discuss it with you and answer any questions you may have. If you want to reach me, please do so using the Contact button in the top navigation.

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Q: Wait a second, isn’t paranormal romance just a nice way of saying freaky smut?
A: You say potato… The reality is, if you call something erotica then some people automatically hide the kids and pull out the pitchforks. You keep all the sex, but call it romance instead and suddenly it’s A-okay. I don’t pretend to understand. Whatever the case, paranormal romance runs the gamut from clean to eye-meltingly hot. Cara makes it a point to put heat warnings on her stuff so as to not offend anyone’s bookish sensibilities.

Q: So are you her?
A: Well, we’ve never been photographed together in the same room. So it’s a possibility.

Q: Why steamy paranormal smut?
A: There’s that S word again. Why not? Seriously, it started off as a writing prompt to create stories in a genre that I was initially not comfortable with. However, the core of any writer should be to write the best story they can and I’m no different. What started off as a challenge to just become comfortable with something new, quickly turned into a challenge to write stories in that genre that I would be proud of. I’m happy to say that I’ve succeeded.

Q: I seem to recall a dude named Cole…
A: Poor Cole Vance sadly passed away from a horrific wheat combine accident in early 2015. His loving sister, Cara, decided to continue his legacy. She’s a peach that one.

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Q: Hold on! Shingles looks and sounds kinda like Goos…?
A: I’ll stop you right there. Shingles is a horror/comedy series by the authors behind Authors & Dragons. Unlike other … err … skin conditions, it is primarily an adult affliction, meant to be “enjoyed” by those over 18. Sorry, kiddies, go get your own diseases. This one is ours.

Q: How many books will be in Shingles and who will write them?
A: Well, that’s two questions, not one. But to answer you, we’re not sure. Hopefully we’ll be putting out Shingles stories for years to come. As for the writers, that is likewise up in the air. Aside from the first few months, we’re not sticking to a particular schedule. As ideas hit us, we write them and get them out to you. Doesn’t matter who does it, so long as they’re worthy of the name Shingles.

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Q: How come some books have Rick Gualtieri on the cover, but others have R. Gualtieri?
A: Call it a branding exercise. Being that I write cross-genre, as well as the fact that some of my books are intended to be humorous while others are not, I’m trying to use that to differentiate them a bit. Books, such as the Tome of Bill series, in which comedy is a major focus will continue to have Rick Gualtieri listed on the cover. R. Gualtieri will be reserved for stories where the focus is more on action, horror, or fantasy. The goal is to give you an upfront visual cue as to the potential tone of a story (in addition to the cover imagery and blurb). Note: this is a cover only thing. You’ll still be able to find everything on my author page and by searching my full name.

Q: What are the Tome of Bill Universe and the Bent-verse respectively?
A: These are the two main universes the majority of my stories take place in.

The Tome of Bill Universe is currently comprised of: The Tome of Bill series, Bill of the Dead, Bill of the Dead Adventures, and False Icons.
The Bent-verse currently contains: The Hybrid of High Moon series, Tales of the Crypto-Hunter, and Midnite’s Daughter.

Q: What the ever-living frig is Team Twat-Waffle?
A: Team Twat-Waffle is the semi-official self-adopted name of the folks who’ve joined my book group on Facebook. For those wondering, it’s a reference to an occurrence from The Last Coven (the Tome of Bill 8), and I shall say no more to avoid spoilers. Come check us out if you’re interested. There’s a lot of fun to be had, not just me droning on about my shit while crickets play in the background. Oh, and we even have t-shirts too.

Q: What are your thoughts on fanfiction?
A: I’m all for it. There are few things more flattering than creating a world that other people want to build upon in their own way. Just please don’t sell it (at least not without changing it enough for the copyright gods to be appeased). Oh, and be forewarned. I’m pretty busy and *way* behind on my reading, so I probably won’t have time to check out your Turd / Colin slash fic, no matter how good it is. 🙂

Q: What’s more beneficial to you: Kindle Unlimited, paperback, etc?
A: My preference is you read (and hopefully enjoy) my books through whatever medium or method you prefer. Nobody forces me to be in programs such as Kindle Unlimited or Prime Reading. It’s a choice on my part. So, as much as I appreciate the concern, don’t worry about it. Enjoy my books however you prefer. It’s all good to me.

Q: Will you be on my podcast / let me interview you / come to my convention?
A: I can’t give a universal yes here because I don’t know what my schedule is from one minute to the next, but I’m very open to these things. Reach out to me via my contact page and we’ll see how things work out. Usually the only reason I would outright say no is logistical in nature. Sadly, until they perfect cloning, I can’t be in multiple places at once.

Q: If we ever meet up, can I buy you a beer?
A: Short answer is maybe. No, I’m not trying to be rude or elitist. The simple truth is I don’t drink all that much, and when I do I’m not much of a beer guy. Also, a lot depends on where we are and whether or not I’m driving. That said, on the off chance I say no, I will almost certainly accept a Coke or an iced tea instead. 🙂

Q: What’s up with all the Sasquatch stuff?
A: You got me. I’m a (not-so) closet cryptid nerd. I just find the whole concept fascinating … which means it tends to leak into my stories. I got 99 problems, but Bigfoot ain’t one.

Q: One of your characters said or thought XYZ. Does that mean you believe it’s okay to (whatever they said)?
A: I’m first and foremost a fiction writer, emphasis on fiction. I write strictly to entertain, nothing more. I try to include a wide range of characters in my books and not all of them are going to be wonderful people. Heck, some of them are downright terrible human beings. However, please know that none of them (not even the awesome ones) are me or are meant to represent what I believe. If you’re curious as to what I really think about an issue, please feel free to reach out to me. Aside from that, though, the only agenda I’m trying to push is making sure you’re entertained enough to keep turning the page.

Q: Why is does?
A: Why not does is? And no, I’m not explaining further.

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