Night Stalker (a Tome of Bill Companion)

The Tome of Bill - vampires, witches, and magic


NIGHT STALKER (A Tome of Bill Companion)

Before he was trying to save the world, he just wanted to save his own ass.

Bill Ryder has a problem: the vampires under his rule don’t respect him. Unfortunately, in the world of the supernatural, that makes him as good as dead.

In order to keep breathing, Bill must become someone else … something else.

Enter the Night Stalker, fearsome predator of the undead. In this menacing new guise, Bill hopes to strike terror into the hearts of his detractors. There’s only one small issue – reading about superheroes and actually becoming one are completely different things.

Bill must take a crash course in all things vigilante. Because if he can’t convince his Coven they need him, his tenure as an immortal creature of the night will be mighty short indeed.

Series note: This story takes places between Bill The Vampire and Scary Dead Things

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