The New Order

Bill of the Dead Adventures - urban fantasy comedy horror
The New Order


BoTD Adventures – 3

They say opposites attract, that two disparate souls can come together to create a raging inferno of passion. When you’re talking about the Templar, though, those flames are far more likely to be used for burning witches at the stake.

So, of course, it would figure that a witch like me would go and marry one. Probably not my brightest move, but sometimes love is both blind and stupid. Even so, we’ve managed to enjoy five years of bliss, during a time when all supernatural power was banished from the world – leaving us nothing more than two fools in love.

But that all changed when the Source was reignited.

Now magic is back and so are the old rivalries. I still love my husband but I’m not sure I can trust him anymore. He’s on a quest to rid the world of evil and I fear that includes people like me. I’m willing to fight to save my marriage but, if love can’t conquer all, I might end up fighting for my life instead.

Series note: this story takes place right before the events of Everyday Horrors.


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