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rick-photoMy name is Rick Gualtieri. Welcome to my world.

I’m probably best known for The Tome of Bill, an Urban Fantasy series about an undead gamer and the supernatural world that wants nothing better than to kick his ass. Horror and comedy combine with nonstop action in this tale of a hapless hero who’s far more interested in getting a date than saving the world – pity that fate has decided otherwise where he’s concerned.

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Feel free to take a look around or reach out to me. I promise you, unlike the creatures in my novels, I don’t bite.



The Last Coven (the Tome of Bill 8) has launched. Available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, paperback and now audiobook!

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A hilarious tale from Bill Ryder’s early days as a bloodsucker. Available for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Audio coming soon!

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