AMS Ad Service Next Steps


In order to begin managing your AMS/Advantage campaigns, I will need access to them. Here’s how you can do this.

Please Note: I will need access to every system where you wish me to manage your campaigns, thus you may need to add my email multiple times – once on each platform.

Click on USER MANAGEMENT at the far right of the top menu. From there, click the button labeled “Invite User” at the top of the page. Add my name and the email address I’ve listed on the AMS Agreement you signed ( @ gmail . com, minus the spaces).

Select the option to make me an Editor. This is important. It will enable me to create and/or modify campaigns, but will keep your personal information, including payment details, safe. I highly recommend you never give any 3rd party – including other AMS management services – Admin access to your account.

Once done, click “Invite User” at the bottom of the form and that should be it. You should see my name added as an editor, a privilege you can revoke at any time. If I have any issues accessing your information, I will contact you and let you know.

The steps are similar to the above except that you’ll need to access the dropdown menu beneath your name on the left of the top menu (right next to the AMAZON MARKETING SERVICES logo). Click on Manage Users, and the steps should be identical from that point.

Simply click the “Invite User” button, add my name the and the email address I gave you, then select the button to make me an Editor and click the “Invite User” button at the bottom of the form.