Shingles – Audio Collection Volume 1

ShinglesShingles Audio Volume 1


Tantor Audio presents the first six stories from the horror comedy series Shingles in one collection.

The collection begins with “The Ghost of Hooker Alley,” which introduces listeners to 10-year-old Sarah and six-year-old Tommy. After a quick bus ride into town to buy a gun, Sarah and Tommy think their problems are all but solved. That is, until a creepy weirdo follows them into an alley. But they aren’t the only ones in that alley….

“The Monkey’s Penis” features Chris, a teenage boy who receives a birthday gift unlike any other. In “Gary’s Children,” a man’s quest for stress relief leads to terror, and an unexpected kidnapping takes place in “Aliens Wrecked Our Kegger.”

“Zombies Ate My Homework” is set in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Todd, his brother, Andy, his best friend, Tarik, and their tomboy friend, Mikayla are forced to take shelter in the first place they can find – an adult novelty store.

In the final story, “The Legend of Jimmy Headshot,” the zombie apocalypse is upon us. The dead have risen from their graves to feed upon the flesh of the living, and 12-year-old Jimmy couldn’t be happier about it.

Contains mature themes (no shit!)

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