Shingles – Audio Collection Volume 2

Shingles Audio Volume 2


Tantor Audio presents six must-listen stories from the horror comedy series Shingles.

Shingles Audio Collection Volume 2 begins with “Terror on Hypo Beach,” in which a family vacation turns out to be anything but ordinary. In “Put Your Hand in My Ass”, Will needs a mentor for the upcoming high school talent show. What he gets is Sloppy – an enchanted puppet with weird sexual proclivities and an extremely problematic approach to comedy.

The collection continues with “Demon Load”. When a freak accident brings his new washing machine to life, Dave begins to fear that it could lead to a nightmare future, one in which mankind has been permanently pressed out of existence.

“Slaughter on Giggletime Mountain” brings listeners to the reopening of a long-closed amusement park – one with a deadly history. Then, in “It Came from My Butthole”, Cooter, the son of an out-of-work rodeo clown, eats a taco that changes his life forever.

In the collection’s final story, “Slow Ride”, Terry’s suddenly way more attractive to members of the opposite sex now that he has Sylvia, his 1979 El Camino. But what happens when the car gets jealous?

Contains mature themes (no, really?)

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