Shingles – Audio Collection Volume 4

ShinglesShingles Audio Volume 4


Tantor Audio presents six more stories from Shingles, the horror comedy series for awful people.

Shingles Audio Collection, Volume 4 begins with “Carnival of Psychos“. In this story, Richie Spoonerman finds himself being chased by a psychotic clown in the Maze of Mirrors at the carnival.

In “That Time of the Month“, Molly Stein’s life was hard enough before she started noticing some weird changes. For one, a suspicious number of people seem to be exploding around her.

In “The Sober Slayers“, Katie McCallister wants to slay dragons, save the kingdom, and become a hero, but all she finds around the gaming table are jerks. But then she and her friends discover a magic book, one that transports them into the game itself.

The collection continues with “I Know What You Dicked Last Summer“. As everyone knows, when a bunch of attractive teens meet up at a secluded cabin, there’s only ever one winner. And that winner is violent death.

Just Say Gnome” asks, how many problems in your life would be solved by a garden gnome that eats people and shits cocaine?

And finally, in “Jingle My Balls“, Jeff just wanted to get a 12-pack and drink away the night before Christmas Eve. But something went awry, and he came home to find a horny elf twerking in his living room.

Contains mature themes (no, really?)

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