Zombies Ate My Homework



Shingles – 5

by John G Hartness

It started out like a normal day for Todd Graves. Wake his kid brother Andy up, get tormented on the school bus by the cool kids, try to avoid them while in school. Except it’s Field Trip Day to the Science Museum, and now he’s stuck with the meanest kids in seventh grade all day!

But then the bus breaks down, so he doesn’t even get to do anything cool at the science museum.

It’s okay, because an industrial accident brings science to Todd and his friends in the form of a zombie apocalypse. When the bus driver abandons them in the middle of a zombie outbreak, Todd, his brother Andy, his best friend Tarik, and their tomboy friend Mikayla take shelter in the first place they can find – an adult novelty store.

What can you find in an adult toy store to fight zombies? Well…let’s just say that the field trip was pretty educational, even if the kids never made it to the museum!

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